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The Rumors of Her Breakup With Ceaser Weren’t True When Dutchess and Ceaser broke up, rumors were going around about the reason why.It didn’t take long before people started saying that he got a girl in Philly pregnant when he was still with Duchess.While tattooing is her passion, she also has a serious passion for modeling.She is Dating a Football Player After being in a relationship with a man named Ceaser for a long time, the relationship ended.It didn’t take long before Ceaser shot that rumor down.She Is Working Toward a Successful Future Dutchess is currently working at Black Ink Crew and she has plans to open two more tattoo parlors in the near future.She also says that she doesn’t regret that path that her life took She says that what is is doing now is much more fun than working as a CEO.

She won the top prize in the pageant, which is something that she is very proud of.She attended North Carolina A&T State where she majored in business management and she minored in visual arts.Later, she attended graduate school where she became fascinated with tattoos.Her Goals For the Future Have Changed Before Dutchess got involved in the tattoo culture, she planned on using her business degree.She said that she saw herself working her to being the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

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