Who is bret hart dating

When are you white people going to realize that black people nowadays don't fit your 1930-1980 criteria.Oh, because she doesn't have "big lips", her hair is "straight" and her eyes are a little slanted, she isnt?My roommate looks JUST like Tiger Woods, no bullshit.

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart was married over the weekend to his fiance Stephanie Washington. Stephanie Washington is a 27 year old woman from San Francisco, California who is now going to school up in Calgary. The couple is expected to spend their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Sorry for realizing that some ethnicities have specific features.

And no, the "big lips", "hair" and "eyes" didn't set me off. You're kind of racist in assuming she IS "African American" just for her skin tone. I'm pointing out that "she doesn't look black in the African-American" sense is a ridiculous and over-generalized statement.

Spaff, i mean "Cuntface", you are obviously the guy who took names when then teacher was absent.

No doubt that you will be raped in prison when you end up there because you nagged someone to death about grammar.

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