Validating national provider identifier

Is there a reason this function doesn't exclude anything that starts with something other than 1 or [email protected]: it's constant that replaces 80840, which is kind of an "assumed" prefix indicating it's a healthcare provider in the US.Summed Val / 10.0) * 10)) ) c (Ceiling Val) WHERE LEN(@NPI) = 10 AND @NPI NOT LIKE '%[^0-9]%' AND p.p1 IN (1,2) AND p.p10 = c. LPIs are any of a known set of identifiers used by either states or the federal government to identify service providers prior to the arrival of National Provider Identifiers (NPIs).Below is an i TVF version that doesn't require any looping (My test on 1M row table containing NPI numbers has the i TVF version ~12X faster...CREATE FUNCTION dbo.tfn_Is Valid NPI/* =======================================================================================================================05/25/2017 JL, Created...2 6 10 14 18 Step 2: Add constant 24, plus the individual digits of products of doubling, plus unaffected digits.

So, all Medicaid providers have some types of LPIs, but not all Medicaid providers have NPIs.In addition to its application in validating NPI numbers, it's also commonly used in validating credit card numbers and IMEI numbers.Before we get started, let's talk briefly about the .A card issuer identifier is an identifier for an entity that issues a health care identification card.If the NPI is used as a component of the card issuer identifier on a standard health care identification card, the NPI will be prefixed with the 5 digit identifier "80840".

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