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I can tell you this right now-if any one of us in this subdivision gets hurt, or car damage, or worse, I am sure you will not like the law suits that will be filed against you. Also, you must not care about your store’s appearance. I assume you had problems with the manufacturer of the sauce, but I am guessing here.

We just wish someone would care about the residents in your stores area and their safety. The problem is that you’ve discontinued one of the sandwiches that made you who you are: The Arby-Q. It’s not just me craving them, I lament the missing Arby-Q with other people regularly, and they all agree with me. The neighborhood has complained many times to them to no avail.In 1997, the company sold all 354 company owned restaurants to its largest franchisee.In 2002, Arby’s purchased Sybia, Inc, its 2nd largest franchisee.Arby’s expanded at a store per week pace during the 1970s.New menu items like the Beef N’ Cheddar and Jamocha Shakes were also added. In 1984, Southeastern Public Service Company purchased Arby’s.

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