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Giving Colin a dose of tough love, I shut down any and all of Colin's excuses as to why he has hasn't hit his goals in this challenge. He'll set straight the myths of the after work party scene and tell you how to manifest greater odds so that you can get laid. Today on Sessions with Steven brought to you by Shy Man's Dating School Podcast Series, Colin and I decipher the signals women send. DURING THIS SESSION, COLIN AND I SPEAK ABOUT: Decoding text... Today on Session's with Steven, brought to you by Shy Man's Dating School Podcast Series, Colin is midway through his 30 day rejection challenge! Roy is an ex BBC presenter, an expert conference and business moderator and author of many books including the controversial "That Bitch: Protect...Athol Kay from Married Man Sex Life is an author who has written The Mindful Attraction Plan, The Married Man Sex Life Primer and How to Answer "Do These Pants Make My Ass Look Fat" … He shares his story about his charge in the bedroom and guiding the girl into doing what he wants her to... Having traveled to over 90 countries, he's authored the bestselling book, The Naughty Nomad, where he shares his insane adventures, including wild sex in foreign places, drug smuggling, incarceration in Siberia and... Today on Sessions with Steven, Colin recaps his first week of the 30 Day Rejection Challenge. Kick start your fitness goals, build muscle and create habits with James Clear.But Birdwell's not in it for the fame or the fortune. Head to the end of the pier that branches off the Eastbank Esplanade between the Burnside and Steel bridges, the best point along this thoroughly romantic walkway.

Although unfortunately there is no "Cathie" (Texas businessman Robert Hunter is the owner of this shop and five--under the name "Cindie's"--in Texas), the shop boasts a helpful staff that'll dish up fashion advice to young and old. "When they ask for a size 13," says assistant manager Jessica Bennett, "it's a dead giveaway." With up to size 16 available via mail order, Cathie's is the place where all you Tootsies will find something for your tootsies.Cerebrally chapped bookworms found relief in July when local webmaster Stacy Bias debuted Literati Lip Balm, a puckery library of lip smackers titled after lit heavyweights like Shake Spearmint, Poe Megranate, Alcott Apricot and Brontë Berry."I'm a writer and an editor, so this was the next logical step," says Bias, who edits and created the super-sized local celebration Fat Girl Speaks in '03. "because not much rhymes with Dickinson." Get schmeared with the written word at In Other Words (3734 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 232-6003) or at She's the pretty face behind hundreds of hook-ups and a handful of marriages, too.So if you're kind of, sort of looking for your soulmate, head out to the Sapphire on Wednesday nights.

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