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Jimmie Mesis, a debugging expert, specializes in finding hidden cameras.

In the past, peeping Toms used holes in walls to spy on motel guests but now tiny cameras can be disguised in just about anything.“People are bugging the hell out of each other and people don't even realize it,” he told Inside Edition.

“To make love” is embarrassing, therefore, precisely for what it makes of love; no longer sexuality’s transcendental cause nor its conceptual end, love is made over into just another erotic activity, prone to those same errant intensities of arousal and those countless little deaths of climax.

Few artistic genres have examined the consequences of our desire to make love and its embarrassments quite as incessantly as the romantic comedy.

These, in turn, are organized into individual sections concerning discrete discursive figures, which are, roughly speaking, signs or clusters of signs (comparable to Barthes’s earlier, structuralist concept of the ) that lovers conventionally deploy in amorous speech.

In an effort to produce a non-hierarchical work, one in which what comes first in the text is no less consequential than what concludes it, Barthes selected the arbitrary ordering system of the alphabet: “To be engulfed” () is the last.

"The case has since been closed."When Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero broke the news to the distraught mother, she responded, “Are you kidding me?! Guerrero and the Inside Edition Investigative Team contacted a manager at the hotel.

"There's a family in here that found a hidden camera in the bathroom on Memorial Day weekend," she said. "“I wasn't here when that happened," the manager responded and walked away.

In an interview, Guerrero asked him how many people he spied on.“I would say it would be thousands,” he said. Her husband even kept detailed notes about what he saw, which served as the basis for a new book, by Gay Talese.“Gerald, are you a pervert?

When it comes to hotel voyeurs, Gerald Foos may be the world’s most notorious.

When Foos owned The Manor House Motel in Aurora, Colorado, he built a platform above the rooms and would spy on unsuspecting hotel guests through vents.

is an experimental work of theory, which culls together a range of citations taken from literature (including Goethe and Proust), art (Greuze), film (Pasolini), and philosophy (Nietzsche), as well as from Barthes’s own personal conversations (with Jean-Louis Bouttes, for instance) in order to analyze lovers speak the way they do.

For Barthes, lovers are to be understood structurally (the semiotic function of a lover’s declaring, “Let’s make love”) and not psychologically (the sentimental causes for this lover’s declaring, “Let’s make love”), and so his own text is driven by a rigorously -interpretive form of description, which amounts to a book-length series of vexing, titillating, and often dazzling pronouncements about love and human desire.

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