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But Redford also understood that he had to get away from tightly-laced man-in-the-gray-flannel-suit characters lest the type consume him.

He passed on A moustache and cowboy hat covered the good looks and baby face, while a deep tan and some good wrinkles made him look about 10 years older.

And for nearly 40 years, he’s been Hollywood’s golden boy: likable and bankable, if a bit self-serious.

Redford belongs to the class of actors I think of in my head as the silver foxes: indigenous to the ’60s and ’70s, they’ve ripened before our eyes.

And Redford, I realize now, was proof positive that beautiful American men could still exist amidst the turmoil of the age.When she realizes he’s kind of a bore, she decides to divorce him, at which point he gets drunk, becomes ridiculous, and proves to her that he can be awesome, too.There’s some weird, regressive rhetoric that runs through the script — Fonda’s mother tells her that a successful marriage is based on “making the husband feel important,” and it’s not a matter for satire.But I hope you see that that’s the charm: he’s a dick for the first half, and then he falls for you during the second half.Sure, he’s still a little aloof, but It’s a nice play on Redford’s fledgling image: he plays a reticent yet beautiful young lawyer; Fonda plays his very new wife, who loves to say inappropriate things, drag him to Staten Island for Albanian food, and have a lot of sex.

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