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He booked our trip and, because we were going an extra day early and later to the trip, booked our air separately. He didn't give me a booking number, seat assignments, nothing.

So I emailed him later in 2012 to see when we needed to pay the rest of our trip and he said in the spring of 2013.

He stated yes I have an associate and didn't tell me the associate's name.

I asked him to e-mail me some information regarding cruises in 2014 & he mentioned he would. I tried to explain the situation to her & she stated she would try to call & e-mail Jay.

When I asked who would look into it & what action would be taken, she stated it was confidential. I am very sorry to hear of your negative experience with Avoya.

As a Travel Agent, servicing my clients is my number one priority.

I explained to Jay I left him a message & I was trying to reach him & he didn't call back.

I also told him I never received the e-mail that he stated he was going to send me.

I then called her & she mentioned there was nothing on hold with Carnival.Travel Agent (11 Years in the business)I have to agree and wish I had known to stay away.I booked a trip with Globus to Europe for May 2013 and was given an Avoya agent named Greg.It is true that the price of a cruise is the same whether you book directly with the cruise line or with a Travel Agent.The value is not the same provided that you are working with someone who cares about their clients.

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