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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. There is a lot of weird and fetish filled junk on the internet concerning this subject matter, of which I have no interest. Arent women more than capable of "running" the relationship? Of course women are capable of running their own lives. However, in a relationship to put a woman in charge of everything ... They just brought in their cash and said here's my pile without me having to ask them for it.

I mean every aspect of the relationship she chooses, even to the point of subserviance from her mate? After I calculated all our bill money I'd pass them back the rest of their share.

One thing where I can see this not working out for a lot of people is due to the upbringing and the traditions with both genders.

However, given how the ladies have fought for equality in every other field, it would make sense that some would fight for dominance in their personal love life as well.

Whew op talk about starting one hell of a debate It's going to depend on the individuals and their relationship, each and everybody is unique as is each relationship.Why do women automatically have to place their wants, needs and desires second to her man's? I didn't really decide what they spent their personal money on as long as we had the bills under control and grocery money set aside.Ive never experienced an FLR, but its of interest... Maybe it's easier for them to do that when I make more money so they know they won't get cheated BUT in one case he was the only one making money and I was the one choosing how to spend it all and held it all - by his request.I was sort of the house wife in that so any house related items were my job.We were doing some repairs at the time too so I budgeted things like that. However, I think it's not different then what I experienced from my Grandmother(in charge) and she indeed was.

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