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“She has no filter and will say anything out loud that comes to mind,” says Michelle Pfeiffer, one of Lawrence’s costars on , who calls her “wicked smart.”“I like how clear Jen is,” says Lawrence’s friend Emma Stone, who, as it turns out, was here at the house the night before.

I think Pippi might actually be in some of them.”Is she going to get the finished Currin? She’s a four-time Oscar nominee and Best Actress winner (, an action-thriller she made with her friend and Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence (no relation): In the film, Lawrence is a ballerina drafted into a Russian spy agency (newsy!

And this booze cost only .99, I tell her.“Wow,” she says, deadpan. I’m going to save it for company.”A few days prior, Lawrence had visited with the acclaimed American painter John Currin for the work that appears opposite. “He took photos, and posed me like one of those French girls. At 26, Lawrence is already one of the most successful and exalted actors on the planet.

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