Pictures of dating scammers dating an older man with grown children

This is mainly to illustrate why we courage looking for and contacting the real persons in the pictures.Just besides you might also get an idea of the victim- and non-rulereader-caused complaints we get to deal with.I'm not even trying to get on the Oprah network Guys/Gals, let's stop the madness, what's up with the 5 page string?

He was set up for video chat to proof but he didn't show up. I'm not here to answer questions are setup dates with those unable to let go of their horrible experiences as being anything other than fantasy. I don't have anything to do with Nigerian scams, I don't work for, and my 'only' involvement here is that I put some pictures of myself on Facebook, didn't secure it and my pictures were stolen.More than that, however, I´d like this to demonstrate that identity theft victims are victims of these Nigerian scammers as much as you are, and I hope this (again, hard-to-swallow) drop of medicine might help you readers on your way out of the scam.Some are not the people but their wives, or close relatives, and in case of models, their responsible site admins. A co-worker of mine shared the link with me this afternoon.I've read all of your posts here and I've read the ENGLISH (?!? Take my writing here in contrast to what you've read - he writes at a 4th grade writing level!He's fond of cutting and pasting photos and cutting and pasting poems.

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