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You can finish Bob Serpentini’s line, “American and…” 95. You know that Christie’s isn’t an auction house 97.

You’ve put a dog bone in your mouth at least once 94.

Herod the Great built a fortress and palace on the top of Herodium, and may have been buried there. One of monastery's traditions is the restriction on women entering the main compound.

The only building that women can enter is the Women's Tower, near the main entrance.

You decorate your house with Christmas lights IN JULY 8.

You spend your 19th birthday road tripping to Canada 44. You know that Miami was a university before Florida was a state. You know Slavic Village is no longer Slavic, but still eat at the Red Chimney 49. You know there are only 2 seasons, winter, and construction 51.

A stroll in the Old City can be an interesting activity: its narrow, climactic streets take you to a past like the 19th Century!

The old buildings, beautifully decorated with stone ornaments, are not just the architectural landmarks - they are houses for many Bethlehemites.

It is said that a drop of the Virgin's milk fell on the floor of the cave, turning the rock white and giving rise to the chalky white stone.

In the center of Bethlehem is situated its Old City.

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