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Sometimes they’re so seriously afraid of prying that they even tape their device’s watchful eye. We’ll show you how to master the built-in laptop webcam and use its functionality in civilian purpose and not as much civilian too.

I was very surprised and upset when I learned that great and mighty .

Before I had a quick glance through its code, I saw names of some familiar Win-messages and no less familiar names of Win API functions.

Once upon a time I had to write a Delphi application for webcam operation. When I start shooting, I choose an appropriate camera to work with at the moment using special software.

Despite protestations that this was a serious review about a serious documentary, the BBC3 ident blew my cover on that front and I felt it was best to watch the following 57 minutes at home. Webcam girls are performers who strip (and more) in front of their PCs in return for premium-rate fees.

As chance would have it, the baleful shadow of the Independent's managing editor appeared on my screen just as I watched the first few, lingerie-heavy, minutes of The Truth About Webcam Girls (BBC3).

Getting even more desperate I started browsing our Western friends’ web resources.

After I studied a few dozens of links, I dug a lot of different goodies.

She's managed to attract niche crowds, who'll pay £2 a minute to watch her cook dinner in her knickers.

She once made £300 in one night from people watching her play XBox.

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