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You simply need to produce and upload your videos and collect the profits.Before we get started on where to sell the sex tapes, let’s talk about what is required to get started. Really, anyone who’s eighteen years or older and has the right equipment can easily make money producing and selling content.If you don’t have a good camera, it’s possible to get started with an HD webcam or high quality smart phone.If you go this route, it’s suggested that you upgrade once you get some cash rolling in.Many viewers are much more likely to connect with a gamer that they can see while he is playing.It serves both for communication (gauge the body language and see if it matches up with the voice) and learning (Get a better window into their personality).Your homemade sex tapes could be some major cash that you have just sitting around.If you don’t have homemade sex tapes that you can sell, now’s the best time to get started as an amateur porn producer.

If you already have a Twitch account, then follow the steps below: XSplit will pause broadcasting if you close the game, or alt-tab away.

It’s easy to produce homemade videos and there’s plenty of sites for selling your adult content.

These sites take care of all the transactions and delivery of the content.

If you don’t have the content, you can always produce it.

If you already have the content, then you are ahead of the game.

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