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However, in lieu of the private proposal, a huge feast is given in honor of the couple.Following this public announcement, the groom then showers his bride with gifts to display his continued intention to make her his bride.I have visited Oslo and the Northern part of Norway and enjoyed the country very much.I am a kind, trustworthy and reliable woman with a p..Long time ago the newlyweds in Norway ate with special wooden spoons connected with a wooden chain. At the end of the wedding reception the bride gives so called "bride's cheese" to every guest.The "bride's cheese" is actually a piece of cheese soaked in honey. It is a tradition that the groom gives his bride a piece of jewellery on the first morning after the wedding. The newlyweds often plant one fir tree on each side of the main door of their home.These trees are believed to be symbols of the couple's wish to get children.References Norwegian Wedding Traditions Celebrating with Norwegian Bl?

If you love Viking boats, exquisite craftsmanship, and traditions rooted in storytelling and superstition, then look no further than the Norwegians, whose wedding customs continue to evoke bygone eras.Though some devoutly traditional brides wear the traditional bridal (a handmade dress of dark blue or black wool embroidered in traditional Norwegian decor), most modern Norwegian brides wear a bridal gown in white or silver.Atop her head, every Norwegian bride wears a crown of gold or silver laced with spoon-like bangles which produce a melodic sound as the bride moves about, a way for her to ward off evil to kiss and hold hands, but I especially like to share..things, little things, everything..things are better shared. Tere, Tere Sweethie - How are you doing today, Hopefully quite good. I'm Norwegian Man who living in Tallinn, Estonia for the Past 19 Year's - well in both places also Kolga-..I am a woman from Odessa, Ukraine interested in getting to know a Norwegian man.

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