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" TWIST: So how was it having David and Tobin on set? And to be with some other experienced musicians, it was great! Like we call it the modern age "We Didn't Start The Fire" a little bit because it's got a lot of pop culture things in it when you listen to it. Let's dish, what do you think of the Nat/Rosalina relationship drama? I mean I wouldn't call them bad, I would just call them "needs improvement! Be sure to check back soon for more from Nat and Alex! They can check whether or not their browser is updated by doing to and that page will inform them of their browser status and recommend what to do moving forward.Troubleshooting steps: Occasionally this error occurs and if it does, visitors can try to enter another zip code nearby and/or e-mail the Lifeline by using the Contact Us Page( and under 'Type of Question' choose 'Technical Concerns' for further assistance.Security controls, including encryption and authentication, are in place to ensure the protection of any information submitted via chat.

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that airs tomorrow called "Naked Idol." From what the guys had to say about the episode, it sounds like major drama between Nat and Rosalina! TWIST: So you mentioned auditions and I know that David from Simple Plan and Tobin from Papa Roach will be guest-starring? TWIST: What can you tell us about the new song "The World As We Know It Today"?

Be sure to check back here soon for more from our interview, but here's a snitbit of our convo with Alex for now! What can you tell me about the "Naked Idol" episode airing this weekend? Basically, Allie, who plays Roselina, she...uh, she kind of runs off with and -- you'll just have to watch!

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Florida International University suspended the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity after the school connected a series of leaked screenshots of a disturbing group chat to the Greek organization.

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