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Sasuke just smirked and began another sequence that had Naruto scrambling to get out of the way.

Now you better fix Sasuke quick or he might not be enough of a pretty boy for you anymore."Sasuke glared at him.In practice, he found he vastly preferred his iryounin to be fully certified and in a hospital. Kakashi nodded, watching all of their wide eyes look around the city.And he'd discovered a strange phobia of his 12 year old teammate trying out things she'd only read about in books on him."Shirt off, Sasuke," she ordered. The things he did for his team.oooooooooooooooooooooooo"So, this is Hifu? He'd been to Hifu a handful of times for various missions, and he understood the reaction.Not for the pretty boy comment (though Naruto could be ridiculously annoying when he wanted), but because he'd managed to divert Sakura's attentions to him.In theory, he had full faith and confidence in Sakura and had no problem with her practicing medical jutsu.

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