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The Letourneaus divorced during this time as well, and all four children from their marriage remained in the sole custody of their father, who moved with them to Alaska.

Letourneau was released from prison in August 2004.

The relationship came crashing to a halt in February 1997, when Steve Letourneau found love letters that his wife had written to Fualaau.

Later that month, a relative of Steve's reported the affair to officials at Shorewood Elementary.

In early 2014, Letourneau was arrested once again for driving with a suspended license and failure to appear in court.

However, while still a student, she met fellow classmate Steve Letourneau and became pregnant with their first child, whom they named Steven Jr.In 1985, the couple got married and dropped out of college before moving to his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska.A year later, the family moved to Seattle, Washington, where they had three more children (Mary Claire, Nicholas and Jacqueline) over the next few years.In October 1998, she gave birth to a second daughter by Fualauu (supposedly conceived during her brief period of parole).Both girls were in the custody of Fualaau's mother, Soona, while Letourneau served her time.

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