Julius peppers dating

He also got to go on vacation with the lovely Claudia Sampedro.Sampedro, a model, shared a photo on Instagram Monday of her getting cozy with Peppers. Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. When u people assume something u make an ASS out of both U and ME. Julius and Claudia don't have any rings on their finger they only share a child together and Claudia has other children by other NFL players so she's only a w**** and a little girl compared to Tasha who has three degrees and all Claudia does is model and horror. If he's not here with him already I have used [email protected] a numberof times and he has never disappointed has once help me get proof on my husband cheating activities on his i Phone . Please report any comments that suggest the person is gay or had sex with anybody or has an STD. Stop reading so much into social media and worry about your own relationships. Smh Now that Julius is back in Charlotte Tasha needs to come back to Charlotte from Atlanta and get her man back. I just want to say a big thank you to [email protected]

But the amount could change in the future if circumstances change.Back in 2014, it was reported that Julius left his baby mama before she gave birth to their son and was out with a model on vacation shortly after the break-up.According to court records, the two battled it out in court for close to a year but finally reached a deal over custody, support and important decision making power for their kid.Kim Kardashian isn’t the only hottie who likes to date football players.Model and Instagramer Claudia Sampedro once also dated Reggie Bush but is now dating NFL player Julius Peppers.

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