Is dating my cousin bad

Well, we been chillin’ every weekend and she’s really feelin’ the kid.

I been taking her on dates and all over the place and not just the backseat of my car by the Scarborough Bluffs like I usually do.

He is everything that I dreamed of but a couple of days ago we found out that we are cousins.

she said they were blood related but its far down the line...honestly, if it doesn't bother you and it doesn't sound like youre close relatives at all then go ahead and pursue well go for it rather than live with regret..hour and a half isn't that bad.boyfriend and i were 4 hrs apart..i was going back for my 2nd year in college and he was starting his first..we'd only been dating for about 2 1/2 months before i left but things had gotten kinda serious fast(we'd only realized how close wed gotten when it came time for me to to leave)..yea, long distance was very has its perks!

those reunions are Amaaaaazing keeps the relationship fresh.. His dad nephews are my 8th or 9th cousins by blood. I didn't know nothing about him or the other way around.

The fact that the relation between you two isnt blood I wouldnt think a child problem is a problem but if your concerned go to doctor and be sure.

Life is too short to live for everyone else because then u will be unhappy just do what you feel is right and everything will be ok.

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