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The Ethnostate During the 2000s, White Nationalism waxed and Southern Nationalism waned.There has been an internal debate within the White Nationalist community about the final location of the White ethnostate.If that is the ultimate goal of Southern independence, why bother to restore the Confederacy? Around 2002 or 2003, I drifted out of Neo-Confederate circles.

With each passing year, I heard less and less about the League of the South until it fell off my radar screen entirely.We enjoyed the freedom to regulate race relations according to our customs.Southerners already have an alternative ethnic identity to fall back on.It was too stridently Christian and propounded the idea the idea of an ancient ethnic antagonism between Southern Celts and Northern Anglo-Saxons.What finally soured me on the League of the South was their unwillingness to defend White Southerners as a racial and ethnic group. I remember reading a League position paper somewhere which proposed a multiracial Confederacy (White, Black, Hispanic) based on social equality.

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