Indoor dating ideas batumi dating

It's a great way to bond while doing something worthwhile.

What do you like to do with your partner when the weather cancels or changes your plans?

When you’re done taking the pictures, you can play around with them with your favorite photo editing software to make them black and white, sepia, or add other effects. Pretend you are interior designers and choose a room for a make-over.

See what you can accomplish without spending any money using things you already have in your house or rearranging furniture. Whether you’re into music, theater, or comedy clubs, going out to a performance is great form of rainy day entertainment.

If you’re not a huge fan of board games, you can always opt to do a puzzle together instead. You don’t even need to buy anything with this rainy day date idea to still have fun! A few candles and some music playing in the background can make a simple dinner like spaghetti seem romantic. You can also set up a tent inside your house if it is big enough and you and your partner can snuggle and nap together while you listen to the raindrops on the roof. Get out the crayons, markers, finger paints, glue and paper and spend some time together making things. is a great site where you search by location or interest to find the perfect museum for your rainy day date. Just remember to stick to the 2 player games – it can get boring for the other person if they are just watching you play the whole time. Make sure you have the popcorn and some blankets ready and turn the lights off to make it even better than going to the theater.

It doesn’t really matter what you make as long as you both enjoy it. You choose certain themes, actors, or catch up on your favorite television series to make it more of a “marathon”. You can be as serious or as silly as you want to be taking pictures of each other around the house.

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