Harmony korine chloe sevigny dating

Ever since her debut eight years ago as the AIDS-infected waif in Larry Clarke's Kids, she's been the epitome of geek chic cool, a thrift-shop sweetie directors have been clambering over to adopt as their muse.She's dated Jarvis Cocker, and Jay Mc Inerney called her "the coolest girl in the world".

I try to forgive and forget, otherwise I'd just become a bitter old lady."She has a long way to go.For 90 minutes we follow his excruciatingly banal progress cross-country.Then his ex-girlfriend (played by Sevigny) shows up, mainly to give him oral sex.And I hate seeing a sex scene where they pan away from what's really happening and just concentrate on the faces. Sevigny - along with her then-boyfriend, the director Harmony Korine - mysteriously fell out with Gallo a few years back, only to be reconciled when Korine was out of the picture.When filming on The Brown Bunny finished, Gallo revealed there were "a lot of tears" on his part because he was "kinda in love with her".

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