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One way to get in your landlord’s good graces (and save yourself a lot of grief) is to take care of minor fixes—like changing a light bulb—yourself. If you’re asking for a new dishwasher, there’s not much you can do if the landlord doesn’t want to put one in.If, however, the needed repairs are serious and relate to the apartment’s basic fitness for living (such as heat or a broken lock) you should be firm in requesting repairs.Under most laws, 30 days is reasonable, but it depends on the severity of the repair.Two days might be reasonable if the issue is broken heat in winter.(To see these laws in action, just look at this case in which courts ruled against several landlords posting discriminatory advertising on Craigslist.)If you feel you’ve been discriminated against, contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development (1-800-669-9777) to file a complaint.All leaseholds are supposed to allow for the right of “quiet enjoyment.” This means you, as the tenant, have the right to reasonable freedom from being disturbed by the landlord. fire or natural disaster) your landlord needs to give you prior notice before entering the premises.

In Virginia, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, a landlord has 30 days.Landlords have the responsibility of making sure that the rental is safe and habitable, as well as fixing any major problems that make the property less livable.An uninhabitable rental (such as one without heating, proper plumbing, or electricity) is one that you can stop paying rent on, or make the repairs yourself and deduct the expenses from future rents.If your landlord doesn’t follow through, you have a couple of options: In certain states (check your state law to be sure), tenants may pay for any repairs that affect health and safety (such as a leaky roof, no hot water, a gas leak, or a sewage back up) and then deduct the cost of repairs from the rent (so long as it does not exceed one month’s rent).Obviously, you must document everything (including communicating the defect to the landlord, giving him a reasonable amount of time to comply, and any repairs you pay for).

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