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Title 28, Chapter 3, Section 2 of the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Act provided for a police power for the “protection of the public welfare, health, peace and morals” of the people of Alabama and prohibited transactions in liquor, alcohol, malt and brewed beverages, taking place within the state, except by and under control of the Board.In 1997, the responsibility to issue retail sales permits, regulate and enforce the laws related to underage access to tobacco products were added.Methamphetamine precursors are regulated through retail sales registration, education and law enforcement efforts.Operating expenses are paid by consumers of alcoholic beverages, tobacco manufacturers and federal grant funding.

It is the ABC Board’s goal to maintain a safe, reliable and efficient distribution network of controlled products while maintaining an extremely professional level of public safety programs to ensure responsibility in the distribution, possession and consumption of these products.

By the end of the first nine months, the officers had logged 615,335 miles patrolling on motorcycles and 583,756 miles in automobiles.

They inspected 8,951 vehicles for defective lights and brakes, issuing "courtesy cards" to call a motorist's attention to defects.

The department works closely with the public and private sectors in law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire services, agriculture, public health, public safety, communications, environmental management, military and transportation.

There are four divisions within DHS designed to ensure the safety of Alabama citizens.

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    There are minor differences between isotopes of the same element, and in relatively rare circumstances it is possible to obtain some amount of differentiation between them. The effect is almost always a very small departure from homogeneous distribution of the isotopes -- perhaps enough to introduce an error of 0.002 half-lives in a non-isochron age. but it is rare and the effect is not large enough to account for extremely old ages on supposedly young formations.) as minerals form.

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