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At that time Wright lived with his wife, the New Zealand actress Phillipa Reid, in Great Ormond Street, and we would meet most Saturday nights in the Soho pub currently favoured by the X editors.David Wright was born in Johannesburg and at the age of seven lost his hearing.While doing my National Service in London in the early 1950s, I co-founded with Tristram Hull the literary magazine Nimbus, of which Wright later became editor.Hull and I had become acquainted with the poet George Barker, and thus met David Wright, who was one of his circle of admirers.

To see the two of them in animated conversation was to witness an amazing mime show, Swift silently mouthing the words.

His father sent him to Spring Hill School for the Deaf in Northampton, which pioneered speech as well as lip-reading.

Thereafter he went to Oriel College, Oxford, during the early war years, where he met the university poets of the time and commenced a lifelong friendship with John Heath-Stubbs.

After his removal to Cumberland, Wright frequently came to stay with me in London.

In my London days I had many friends in the African National Congress, Thabo Mbeki, now vice-president of South Africa, among them.

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