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Intelligent people are more likely to trust others, while those who score lower on measures of intelligence are less likely to do so, says a new study.

"Having greater approach goals tends to have the best outcomes for people when they are in a relationship, but they also experience the most hurt and pain when they are single," Girme said. "Some single people are happy on their own, research finds." Science Daily. One of the first American national studies to examine risk factors for use of synthetic marijuana among a large, nationally representative sample of teens. The first set of findings from an inaugural environment poll in the United States has been released.

The poll surveys a nationally representative sample of American adults and provides a portrait of ...

In a survey of more than 4,000 New Zealand residents, a nationally representative sample, people with high "avoidance social goals" -- who try at all costs to avoid relationship disagreements and conflict -- were just as happy being single as other people were in relationships.

Being single may remove some of the anxiety triggered by relationship conflicts for those individuals, the study noted.

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