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These tabs first appeared in 1936, with the word 'LEVI’S' stitched in capital letters - but by 1971, only the letter 'L' was capitalized. Buying second-hand clothing is a sustainable way to shop, plus you never know when you might score a vintage gem. Many thrift stores put the money you spend to good use by supporting the community.Pro tip: Bring a bag of no-longer-need items from your own closet to make room for any new pieces you purchase. If you get lucky and spot our famous red tab as you scan the racks for the perfect new-to-you jeans, here a few ways to help determine when they were made.You can also drop off used clothing and shoes to recycle at any U. Sign up for the Unzipped newsletter to get the best of the Unzipped blog — company news and views, employee profiles, innovation and sustainability stories, behind-the-scenes and Archives highlights — sent straight to your inbox weekly.One pair of 1947 Levi’s 501XX jeans are listed at ,750, with 11 offers made so far, and another stained pair of 'rare vintage Levi's' which feature a 'big letter "e" and hidden rivets' are listed for 9.The seller notes: 'The Jeans are in vintage condition, they feel very old and brittle, I’m not sure if they could be worn without falling apart, but they are a great piece of Americana.' SO far four offers have been made.'People want to collect the size that they actually wear,' explains the website.According to Sung, "they give my hips a tighter hug, making my boyish shape a little more curvy." Plus, the bright blue indigo and slight flare give off a nice ’70s cowgirl vibe.

A Bone Cold Case Jewelry Resources Enchanted Learning – Jewelry Glossary Shoe & Handbag Resources Vintage Fashion Guild – Shoes Resource Women’s Fashions Shoes High Heel Shoe Museum Shoe Icon – Awesome Shoe Museum Soulmates - A Century in Shoes Zappos Shoe and Handbag Glossary Handbag Shapes – Awesome site!(Wedgie jeans are styled after vintage for a reason.) Different brands are also geared toward different bodies.According to Janet Sung from Denim Refinery, "Wrangler and Lee have less discrepancy between the waist and hip size, so they’re better brands for ladies with less hip." Meanwhile, Levi’s and Calvin Klein are made to accommodate curves, and don’t forget that many of the coolest pairs will come from the men’s section.Designer Resources Designer History Fashion Windows Fashion at – Lots of info here!(beware of pop ups) Infomat’s Who’s Who – includes new designers Mode a Paris – Great info Hawaiian Resources Hawaiian Buttons This is from the book – Hawaiian Shirt Designs – Nancy N. The Hawaiian Shirt – Its Art & History – Thomas Steele Vintage Hawaiian Shirt – So many Hawaiian shirts, so Little time!

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