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Zinky himself had used the Supro name for a series of amps beginning in 2005 from his company, Zinky Electronics.Absara announced in January 2014 that a series of new Supro amps would debut at the Winter 2014 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.They also made amplifiers under contract for several other companies such as Gretsch, Harmony, and Kay.In the 1950s they began producing solid body electric guitars.I get many here for repair that have had work done elsewhere, and due to “misunderstandings” or a “previous effort to make your Valco sound like a Fender” need to be professionally restored. The will go towards the repair cost if you elect to have the amp repaired here.Get the best your amp has to offer and consider sending it here for your tube amp servicing or repair.

It's most famous as being the very first electric guitar Jimi Hendrix owned.

The wrong tweak in the wrong amp and problems happen – like oscillations at frequencies you can’t hear,motorboating, ghost notes etc.

I don’t do “hole-drilling hack mods” for anyone – these old amps will be around long after most of us are gone, and any tweak made is done with respect for this.

Valco merged with Kay Musical Instrument Company in 1967, however the merged company quickly went out of business in 1968 Since Valco's demise, a number of manufacturers have reissued several different reissues or derivatives of Valco instrument and amplifier models.

Eastwood Guitars currently produces a variety of reissue Airline guitars, though all of the former semihollow Res-O-Glas models are now wood solidbodies.

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