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Modifier variables investigated were diagnostic criteria, source population, geographic origin of the report (Europe or North America), duration of the study, and race of the population studied.

Diagnostic criteria had no effect on reported prevalence or incidence rates.

Expectations I am looking to marry a career orientated, Hindu girl who is financially independent, strong willed, and has a strong network of family and friends.

Family Background Basically my family is from Kerala (Kanghangadu, Kasaragod).presently we are settled in Bangalore for the last 15 years.

In contrast, the percentage of patients with polyarticular JRA was lowest in the former (27, 95% Cl: 25, 28) compared with the other racial groups (East Indian, 61, 95% Cl: 55, 66; native North American Indian, 64, 95% Cl: 53, 76; other races, 34, 95% Cl: 30, 38) ( = .004).

Although an effect of source population on reported prevalence was confirmed, the effect of geographic origin suggests that environmenmental or ethnic differences also may influence the prevalence of chronic arthritis in children.

An effect of race was detected only in the distribution of patients among onset subsets.

I especially value humor, being able to communicate, respect for culture, staying healthy, and the freedom to think out of the box.

Bio data Name :- Sudin Chandran Age :- 30 years Education :- Bachelor of Commerce Caste :- Nair Height :- 5’ 6’’ About Sudin I am a self-made man that has been gone through a lot of challenges in life.

Presently working in Kuwait as a senior sales consultant in a well reputed company.

I have only one sibling (younger sister) she is married and settled in Bangalore.

Email :- [email protected] Tel 965 65126986 Hi My brother looking for a bride christian RC we are from kerala he is a bussiness man based in dubai and kuwait.

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