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"If you don't want to deprive your marriage of the intimate connection, it is a sign that you really care about each other and want to make the marriage work."That time you did tequila shots and went skinny dipping.

The amazing sangria you shared in Spain on your honeymoon.

"If you really enjoy spending time together as a family unit, maybe that unit is worth keeping together."Yes, life is hectic. Falling into a dateless marriage can put a damper on the roles you play to each other – husband and wife.

Between work, home-life and keeping track of your child's social calendar, sometimes it's so much easier to crash on the couch and watch TV while your husband drinks beers out back. "If you still make time for 'couple time' without the kids, you're on to something.

"Instead of just blaming your partner, you are able to recognize your thoughts and behaviors that are problematic and work on changing them.

You develop empathy for your partner when you realize how you hurt them.

"Great memories are the glue that can hold a relationship together," she says.

"When things are tough, people tend to look back on all of the good times with their partner and feel hopeful that they can get back to that happy place again." Russo says it's key to zone in on how loved you felt in the past.

"It is healthy that they view themselves as self-sufficient individuals, but when they also have a shared identity (we, us) they are much more likely to realize that they have within themselves the commitment to work things out." to connect intimately, according to Rachel Russo.

Spencer says ask yourself the following questions: Do you still enjoy doing things together as a family?

Do you find that doing things with the kids but without your husband makes you sad?

"Maybe glamorous restaurants aren't quite in the budget, but planning activities minus the kids means you want to connect – just the two of you.

This is great."Regardless of what's going on in your marriage, you still know in your heart that you can talk to your husband about how you truly feel.

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