Dating champaign il

Walk in, and you feel like you’ve been transported somewhere else.

It’s pretty small and intimate, with modern, upscale decor. It’s not that Black Dog isn’t family-friendly, because it is (and they make a darn good grilled cheese).

Its menu is different than other sushi restaurants in the area and is moderately priced. It’s the wait (reservations are not accepted) that discourages us from bringing the kids.

Silvercreek's interior reflects the hip sensibilities of the surrounding area while also paying tribute to Urbana's storied past.

No matter what you get, I always leave Timpone’s feeling like it was a great value.

Not that it’s cheap — it’s just quality at reasonable prices. OK I’ll admit it, my husband won’t eat sushi — but if you and your partner do sushi, this is a great place.

Some of our favorite stops: Big Grove Tavern, downtown Champaign. I love everything about this place — the atmosphere, the food, the people watching. Located on campus right not far from the Canopy Club and Krannert Center, this is a great place to eat if you are going to an event at one of those places — or if you just want to have some darn good food in a comfortable, relatively quiet place.

And the popcorn you receive when you sit down, too. And the Brussel sprouts (a seasonal item) are one reason I look forward to the weather getting cooler, but sitting on its lovely patio makes this a great summer destination. Fish is a specialty; some people rave about the pizza.

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