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toluene or benzene) and a solvent miscible with water or immiscible with water, such as methanol and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK ), MIBK or MTBE solution group in suitable proportions with the liquid components referred to, comprising an aqueous medium formed by mixing a liquid medium consisting of choice.Partly because, if an organic sweetening acid alkali (alkaline earth metal) salt, the inorganic salt in dissolved state at the end of the process, while the desired sweetening salt can be recovered directly as a solid from the aqueous medium.ES-A-8604766 does describe two kinds of salts based on sweetness profile component having intense sweetener in the solid or dissolved form (synergistic) - but none could detect bitterness and acid dissolution rate aspects advantages and so on.Accordingly, it is necessary to provide a sweetening salts consisting of two sweetener components prepared more universal, simpler method, the components are derived from aspartic acid and is not derived from aspartic acid equivalent an intense sweetener in an organic composition, thermally stable form and with a low moisture content of the sweetening salt obtained is not possible and the above-mentioned drawbacks, in particular without preparation method must be based on the organic acid limitation.令人惊奇地发现:可以在液体介质中以非常合适的方式和以热稳定形式以及以低水分含量制备由两种甜味剂组分组成的甜味盐,该制备以衍生自天门冬氨酸的甜味剂和不是衍生自天门冬氨酸,相当于强甜度甜味剂的有机甜味酸的衍生物为起始原料,通过加到液体介质中,以步骤(a)、(b)、(c)的任何顺序进行:a)作为组分(i)的甜味剂衍生自天门冬氨酸;b)作为组分(ii)的不是衍生自天门冬氨酸的相当于强甜度甜味剂的有机甜味酸的盐;c)作为组分(III)的强酸;和d)存在于体系中的组分可以供选择地以搅拌方式反应至少1分钟,以便形成甜味盐,和e)从所得反应混合物中离析甜味盐。 Surprisingly found that: may be a very suitable manner and to the preparation of aspartic acid derived sweetening salts consisting of two sweetener components at a low moisture content, which is prepared in a liquid medium to form a thermally stable and and sweetener not derived from aspartic acid, corresponds to an intense sweetener derivative of the organic sweetening acid as a starting material, was added through a liquid medium to step (a), (b) , (c) in any order: a) as a sweetening agent component (i) is derived from aspartic acid; b) as component (ii) is not derived from aspartic acid corresponding to an intense sweetener salts of the organic sweetening acid sweetener; c) a strong acid as component (III) a; and d) present in the system components may alternatively reaction was stirred for at least 1 minute manner, so that the sweetening salt is formed, and e) the sweetening salt is isolated from the mixture obtained in the reaction.

The present invention also relates to such new sweetening salts having excellent thermal stability and a low moisture content, and particularly relates to new sweetening salts obtained from aspartame (Aspartame) and bis acesulfamic acid (acesulfamic acid) of crystal modification.Thus, for example, may be used in a wet crystal mass obtained by the process of the sweetener derived from aspartic acid in the preparation of, for example 2-6wt.% APM slurry in water, or moisture content, for example, 30-70wt.% Of wet APM crystal cake, the cake using a centrifugation or other separation techniques in a further process step after solid / liquid separation obtained.Under the reaction conditions used, relative to the use of the medium starting materials and product obtained (i.e., does not react irreversibly with) this point is inert to those skilled in the art will be apparent.One of the first paragraph of this application may be used as starting product has been given within the scope of the present invention is derived from a non-exhaustive list of aspartic acid sweetening agent.These substances are conveniently referred to as the present application, the component (i) or starting material (i); this group of compounds, particularly preferred aspartame and alitame day used as starting material ( I), according to the present invention, products derived from them have good properties in terms of taste, low moisture content and thermal stability.

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