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A US background check typically refers to a tailored report consisting of records about an individual ranging from basic personal details (such as past addresses and phone numbers) and other public records up to work/education verification and credit history – as well as the process used to compile this information.Background checks may provide public records information gleaned from state and county level courthouses, registrar’s and other local government offices as well as federal records.There are many official and non-official reasons for why a background check may be conducted.

Provided the person initiating the search has at least some basic knowledge about the person being searched (such as age or the name of a past roommate or close relative), the preview data can help ensure with a reasonable degree of certainty that the correct person has been identified before the complete background report is generated.

FCRA regulations also mandate that the CRA has permission of the person being researched before initiating the background check, which means that they cannot be performed anonymously.

The person being investigated also have the right to a copy of any background check information obtained if an adverse action is taken (i.e.

These personal identifying numbers help to ensure that all available public or financial records are gathered, which may be a concern in cases where a name may have been changed or an alias was used in the past.

It’s also another way to help verify that a person really is who they claim to be (i.e.

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