Cms chatroom

To view the complete list of chat room types along with their detailed descriptions, refer to the Chat room types topic.

By default, any visitor of your website can enter the chat, regardless of whether they have a user account set up on the site.

More information can be found in the Support chat chapter.

I am planning to use Hippo CMS for one of my site development.

Content pages are the core of the Content Management System.

A content page is a web page that displays blocks of content.

The consultant is notified about new messages in CMS Desk and is able to open a message dialog through there.Constructing a content page requires a basic knowledge of HTML.Content pages are formed by arranging content blocks in predefined layouts.With a rich and interactive framework like Apache Wicket, in which the cms is mostly built, you can create connections to the Hippo Repository.For examples using wicket and the cms you can check out the demo project located: started/checkout demo You can build a forum pretty well.

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