Amazing race dating goths

This is tough." Big Easy continued to encourage Flight Time, saying, "The quicker you grab it, the quicker you get back out there." With all the teas starting to taste the same to Zev, he presented another wrong guess to the tea auctioneer and then dropped the cup in frustration as he walked back to the table.Justin joked, "He's not gonna be much fun after this." However, after his moment of crisis, Zev picked up the next cup, drank it, and offered it to the auctioneer who accepted it in exchange for the bottle of tea and Zev's next clue under the cap.

Arriving at the Town Hall, Flight Time & Big Easy and Justin & Zev saw the sign saying it wouldn't open until 10am and began bedding down for the night with the other six teams joining them.REMEMBER THE TEA The next morning at 10am, a guard came to the front gates of Town Hall and opened them up, allowing the eight teams to race into the hall, up the stairs, and rip open their clue, a Roadblock.Kolkata has always been the point where Chinese tea came to India and Indian tea left for China.Now, in this place where flavors have been traded for centuries, teams faced a Roadblock that pushed their powers of perception to the extreme.First, teams had to gather one papaya and one mango, native fruits of India, and bring them along with their brick of tea from China to the tea auctioneer.

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