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[59c A lively historical essay on Chilean maps, followed by a bibliography of published maps in three sections: South America in general, Patagonia, and Chile. [60 A picturesque jumble of facts and ob- servations, many of which are inac- curate. It gives fairly full, though unauthenticated information about buildings, and about art in churches, and a variety of illustrations. The coins of Central America, silver and copper; 1824-1940. [63b Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Panama are treated in this guide. [59 A portfolio of reproductions of water- color costume-sketches, with brief notes; the typical costumes are in- terpreted somewhat romantically. [59a Good photographs of colonial architec- ture, including a rare view of the shrine of Copacabana.

[62 The author rambles through the na- tional museums of Santiago and Mon- tevideo, giving most attention to the "native sculpture" of Nicanor Plaza, Virginio Arias and other Chileans. A paper read at the thirteenth annual convention of the American federation of arts. [57 Catalog of an exhibition of silver of all periods from 10 collections. [57a Travel notes on Brazil, Uruguay, Ar- gentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, Panama, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Cuba; of value for the profuse illustra- tions, mainly of city scenes. [60b Early account of missionary activities of the Jesuits in the Parana region. [60c Photographs and identifications of 19th and 20th-century coins.

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